Top 4 Recreational Activities to Aid the Rehabilitation of Rape Victims


In the United States and indeed, across the globe, men and women deal with the issue of rape and sexual abuse daily. Nearly one out of five women in the US can relate to sexual violence at some point in their lives. Rape is not limited to any single geographical location. It happens everywhere and every time irrespective of age-group, gender, financial status, sexual orientation, or race.

Rape is a social vice. According to the US Department of Justice, rape means penetrating the vagina, no matter how slight, or the anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim. As an unlawful activity that renders many of its victims psychologically imbalanced for a long time, people of all races and countries have repeatedly condemned rape, and strict punitive measures are in place for rapists.

However, despite all these, the incidence of rape is ever on the increase. The Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN) stipulates that someone gets sexually assaulted somewhere in America every two and a half minutes. Every day, rapists find new methods to abuse their victims.

Categories of Rape

From reports gotten from victims about the method of access and the persons behind the dastardly act, rape can easily fit into several categories. However, the most common of them all is the stranger and date rape. Stranger rape occurs when the identity of the assailant is not known to the victim. It constitutes about 20 percent of rape cases. This type usually involves the use of weapons and threats to coerce the victim into submission.

Date rape, on the other hand, involves a victim and someone they know. The assailant might be someone they’re dating or someone they met at a party—the use of drugs in rampant with this type of rape. The rapists usually drug their victims into submission. Date rape often happens on college campuses or social gatherings. It’s the most common category of rape.

Other categories include acquaintance rape, marital rape, alcohol-induced rape, attempted rape, etc.

Causes of Rape

There have been many debates as to what the causes of rape could be. Some people tend to blame the victims using the mode of dressing, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, seduction, etc. as excuses. However, with the increasing rate of sexual abuse, the mode of occurrence, and the full range of victims, experts have been forced to take a more pragmatic approach at determining the root cause.

At the end of the very many investigations, they have discovered that there is only one factor to blame for rape; rapists. Rapists and their indiscipline are the root causes of rape cases.

Rehabilitating Rape Victims

Rape is a brutal, petrifying, and incursive crime. It’s one of the most personal tragedies that can ever occur to an individual. Unlike other crimes where the victim gets to replace stolen or vandalized items, rape tends to have long-lasting effects on the victims. No one ever gets sexually abused and stays the same.

Rape comes with several consequences for the victim. From physical injuries to psychological and emotional breakdowns, there is almost no way to accurately describe what rape victims have to live with long after everyone else has forgotten. Some of them resort to drastic measures like suicide, due to the inability to handle the trauma.

Therefore, in light of the above, It’s necessary to put in place restorative and rehabilitative programs and initiatives for rape victims to enable them to achieve swift reintegration back into society. Several organizations and bodies exist to ensure this happens.

However, some recreational activities can be adopted at the family and community level to help further rape victims achieve a sense of love and belonging.

1.   Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is a game in which players use a cue stick or hand to push disks such that they come to a stop on or within a scoring area marked on the board (a table or an outdoor hard surface). Two or four persons may play the game. It can be played indoors or outdoor, depending on the number of people playing and the size of the board.

Shuffleboard is a game that is engaged in as a form of recreational activity. It offers a lot of fun and helps relieve stress. If you’re looking for a way to help rape victims around you overcome their trauma, shuffleboard is one of the recreational activities to adopt. It will take help to take their mind away from worries and give them a sense of love and belonging.

Although shuffleboards come in various sizes and materials, it’s effortless to find ones that are perfect for beginners.

2.   Hiking

Hiking can be described as a long, vigorous walk, usually on footpaths, in the countryside. It’s a natural exercise that boosts physical fitness, is economical and convenient, and requires no special equipment. Hikers can walk as far as they want with no physical strain.

Hiking is a recreational activity that can help significantly in the rehabilitation of rape victims. Taking walks in the countryside will offer them mental consolation. They’d be at peace with themselves and with nature. While hiking, they can vent their emotions and express hidden thoughts.

3.   Cooking

Sounds strange, yes? Well, it’s true. Cooking your favorite meals has a way of giving inner peace and joy, especially when there’re people to compliment you. Involving victims of rape in cooking competitions helps them heal fast. It helps take their mind off the trauma and makes them concentrate on better things.

4.   Going on Road Trips

Embarking on road trips is another recreational activity that is suitable for victims of rape. Organizing ‘girls only’ road trips for female rape victims have a way of creating a type of bond and understanding among them. They will be able to see the country, and it will allow them to unwind, vent out their emotions, and talk about their fears. All these will cumulatively help them in overcoming their trauma and make them better.

With the commonness of rape in all communities, everyone must stay vigilant and be their brother’s keeper. Sexually abused persons need to be encouraged at all times, and all hands must be on deck to rehabilitate, restore, and reintegrate them back into the community.

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