The Unmentionable: Violence Against Women – Keep Your Home Safe

Violence against women is an issue that’s not talked about enough. But the truth is, violence against women happens in many different forms and can happen to anyone at any time. Violence against women can be anything from unwanted touching or kissing to rape or murder. In this blog post, we’ll talk a little more about what violence against women is, ways you can keep your home safe from it, and how you can take action today to help end violence against all people!

This blog post will equip you with some tips for keeping yourself safe while living at home.

What is violence against women??

Violence against women is any physical, sexual, or psychological harm perpetrated by one person upon another. When it comes to domestic violence, the abuser’s intent may be to dominate and control their partner through fear and maintain power in the relationship.

It is essential to recognize that violence against women takes many forms. It can be sexual harassment, rape, or other unwanted physical contact like being hit, punched, kicked, or choked. Violence against women also includes psychological attacks on an individual, such as threats of abuse and assaults on personal dignity, intimidation by stalking, and cyber-bullying.

If you are in an abusive relationship, it can be challenging to know what is best for you and your family. Abuse happens in many different ways: physical abuse (hitting or kicking), emotional abuse (saying things that hurt someone’s feelings), sexual assault, stalking, financial control (making all the money decisions). You may feel like you are all alone.

Home security tips, Keep your home safe from intruders.

It’s time we start taking violence against women seriously. The statistics are alarming – a woman is raped every 8 minutes in the US and abused by her partner more than 30 times per minute ( That means that when you’re reading this, there will be someone being harmed right now! Home security tips to keep your family safe:

Install locks on sliding glass doors or other interior access points such as laundry room entrances at night so no one can enter through them undetected from outside of the home; Lock all exterior doors before heading into bed for safety purposes; Never leave keys near windows where they could easily fall out onto the ground below making it possible to get. 


You can also get weapons like guns and crossbows to protect yourself against dangerous intruders. There are various crossbows to choose from; consider buying either the scorpyd crossbow or crossbow limb. Both are powerful and super fast when shot.


An excellent residential locksmith can install deadbolts and other secure hardware, so the door is tough to break through. They may also be able to suggest ways of increasing or diversifying your security measures like installing motion sensor lights, an alarm system, or keeping a firearm in your home.

Signs that someone is being abused in your home

If you see any of the following signs in your home, it could mean that someone is being abused. It’s essential to take action if this happens because abuse can lead to something horrific like death or suicide.

-Unexplained injuries: If a family member has unexplained bruises and scratches on their body, they may be victims of abuse.

-Hiding in the home: If someone appears to be hiding or is refusing to come out of a room, this could mean they’re being abused.

-New people in the house: Family members may have new friends who seem controlling and aggressive. This can make it difficult for victims to break away from their abusers.

-Changes in behavior: If someone seems depressed or withdrawn, they might be victims of abuse.

-Signs of addiction: Addictions can develop because the person is trying to cope with abusive situations and emotions at home.

Missing money/credit cards/personal items: The abuser may take these things from their victim, so this signifies someone being abused.

How to get help if you are experiencing abuse at home or know someone who is being abused

There are many ways you can get help if you or someone else is being abused. If it feels safe to do so, call the police as soon as possible and tell them what’s happening. They may be able to intervene in time before a severe injury occurs. Talking with friends that they trust could also potentially make an abuser stop when confronted about their abusive behavior; this person should not face the abuser themselves, though, because of the potential danger involved! Another option would be calling your national Domestic Violence Hotline, and you can talk to friends and family that may be able to help you, always check on you, or call help for you when you are unable to make a call.

It’s important to remember that there is no “right” way of doing things. You need to find the option you are most comfortable with and go from there.

You also want to be careful about speaking up in front of children because they might not understand what abusive behavior looks like or how it makes someone feel, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be supportive. Some children might draw pictures of their family or write letters to themselves about how they are feeling; others may act out what is happening in a way that gets the adult’s attention or makes up stories and talk about them with friends.


It’s time to start talking about the violence against women in America. Violence Against Women (VAW) is a significant issue that needs our attention, and if we don’t take action now, it will only worsen. We need to change how people think of VAW as something that isn’t their problem. There are so many ways you can help raise awareness for this topic – from educating yourself on what causes these crimes, volunteering your time at an organization like End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin or even just telling someone who may be experiencing abuse they aren’t alone. With more than one million women and girls affected by violence or abuse each year, it is essential to understand that this issue affects all of us. Take some time today to learn more about how you can make sure no one has to experience another day of violence. We hope you have found the information on our blog helpful! If you would like to learn more about how we can help your organization end violence against women in your community, contact us today.

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