Our Team


Smith Martin

Peace Relationship Professional

Meet Smith Martin, the peaceful relationship expert for the site. Any social coexistence programs fall under his docket. He is a blogger/ writer for many humanitarian sites due to his experience and academic background in the field.


Martin holds a Master’s Degree in Peace Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in project management. In him, you have a manager and peacemaker- that explain the compelling articles that articulate issues.


His two-decade career in the same field portrays the well-researched articles and content for the site. He has vast knowledge in creating peaceful coexistence among warring communities.


In the gender agenda, Martin understands the dynamics in the societal differences. Being a marriage counselor practically enhances his negotiation skills.


He advocates for peace not only among warring communities but also between oneself. As long as you are at peace with yourself, you’ll strive to have the same with your family, friends, colleges, and peers.

Helen Elizabeth

Program Adviser / Motivational Speaker

Helen plays a significant role in the team to understand different personalities and better ways to handle them. Most conflict comes as a result of little knowledge in understanding distinct personalities.


According to psychological experts, most rape victims are not from people not well known to them instead, they are familiar individuals. Helen is a motivational speaker by passion and education. He loves uplifting people’s hearts to understand them.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology where he uses psychological concepts to read your mind. Her rugged use of words promotes the opening up of rape victims even in areas where they have been threatened.


Her docket supports a quick recovery process through acceptance by both the rapists and the victims. He has a counseling center where the youth, couples, and adolescents who have gone through rape and sexual violence get a shoulder to lean on.


Dr. Brandon Dishon

Life Coach & Psychotherapist

According to Dr. Brandon Dishon, there is a thin line between violence, drugs, and substance abuse. Some of the hilarious acts are under the influence of either soft and hard drugs that make them have the courage to do things away from the norm.


His area of expertise includes addiction, imagine and hard drug abuse. He has been involved in many surveys and networking platforms to define the youth’s future in drug addiction. A recent achievement is the global session paper 2019, tables at the UN conference as a pre-requisite in enforcing strict laws for drug peddlers.


He successfully spearheads a monitoring tool. The Doctor of Philosophy is passionate about drug abuse, its effects, including sexual violence, which contributes to almost 80 percent of the act’s causes.

Dr. Juliette Shirley

Professional Counselor & Mental Health Counselor

When looking for content with an educational background in line with sexual violence; subscription section. Juliet is a Professional Counselor & Mental Health Counselor who uses educative concepts to dig deeper into the root causes and effects of sexual violence among communities.


She empowers young women to understand their rights in society despite their religious and cultural beliefs. She integrates culture and modernity to enhance literacy levels to this silent topic in most communities.


One of the organization’s successful programs is behavioral therapy in changing victims way of life after an ordeal.


We call her a Doctor of Psychology, not as a humorous name but her doctoral studies in the field and postgraduate studies in the same. He has attended many seminars and workshops in behavioral changes as the best and most practical psychological way of handling truant children who, when not tamed, become sexual predators.


Peter James

Clinical Social Worker

You never understand one’s personality until you listen to them and hear their side of the story. Peter is the judge in the organization.


When everyone takes a stand, he comes with natural wisdom and the use of logic in handling critical issues in the organization.


He is a role model among participants, victims, and perpetrators. When you condemn the sexual predator, he takes time to create a relationship to get to the root cause of the vice before he can send them to the proper authority for further help.


He is a Masters Holder in Public Relations with a decade of experience as a personal relationship manager in many non-profit and profit-making organizations. Away from our target audience, our able staff enjoys excellent personality due to his presence in the organization’s profile. He understands one’s personality and knows what to do at what time, thanks to her experience and academic background.

Dr. Olivia Paul

Life Coach, Mental Health Counselor & Addiction Counselor

Some sexual violence cases require a medical professional to provide a medical approach. For all your health content concerning sexual violence, George Paul got you covered. He is passionate about writing, and based on his profession; you get all the information you need from a medical expert.


We are a one-stop hope for all content relating to sexual violence. Our addictive posts are from learned writers who not only provide information from a layman’s point of view but from a professional angle.