Health are Major Parameters for Non-Profit Organizations



Nonprofit organizations have an option of having a juicer for their employees. It helps to cut on costs and promote healthy living. When the Non-profit organization’s objective is to advocate for food security, having a juicer makes them customize their objectives. The main factors on getting one include: the functionality – acquire a juicer fit for commercial and mass juicing needs. The performance -purchase a juicer which takes minimal time and has an automated feature to save on time to enhance productivity. Finally, the speed of the juicer also matters a lot such that every employee has an equal opportunity to blend and make a healthy drink that suits them.


Breville juice extractor, Kuvings, and centrifugal juicers fit in this category. Breville is ideal for such an organization because of the low budget constraints for such organizations. The Italian brand ensures all the fibers for the fruit juices are extracted leaving just the pulp and the outer cover of the fruits. For some fruits or vegetables where the outer covers are nutritious then Breville can crash and blend it in the juice of employees of the non-profit organization.


In another angle, Kuvings come in handy to help in events for the organization to raise funds for a noble course. If you just need participants to have a cup of juice to quench their thirst, this juicer is designed for commercial purposes for mass production of the juices for all participants. Why Use Kuvings among other brands? Kuvings is proved beyond any reasonable doubt as a high performing kitchen appliance for high-speed juicing. The function is of higher power but low energy consumption, a great parameter for a non-profit organization who would love to save on costs where possible.


Remember you need a juicer for a non-profit organization, there is nothing disgusting as having a juicer which is noisy to an extent it causes noise pollution for employees and visitors. Imagine having a meeting with donors and sponsors only to have some funny noise of a juicer. With centrifugal juicers, the noise is kept at minimal with silencers to allow you prepare a fresh juice for the meeting unnoticed. However, unconfirmed reports indicate that the juicer is not advisable when handling fruits since it is prone to destroy vitamins.


The same way you can have an automatic espresso machine for a constant supply of coffee because of the health benefits, it is the same effect juicers is significant for its healthy drink. The long-term effect of this is improved productivity since employees will have more contact hours in the organization to ensure its objectives are met.


Vitamins, essential minerals, and amino acids are found in fruits and vegetables. Each vegetable has specific nutrients and macronutrients, it is advisable to have a variety of fruits for maximum benefit. It also acts as an appetizer for employees with a poor appetite. When you want to watch your weight, then a healthy fruit/vegetable juice offers the best choice, after all, food security and health are major parameters for non-profit organizations.


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