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Mission and Vision

The mission of Raven STL is to create awareness of sexual violence and related gender-based violence acts to help prevent or stop the violations against the human rights of girls and women.


Our ultimate goal is become a knowledge hub for everything that has to do with sexual and gender-based violence. We focus on becoming a leading resource for information on violence and how to prevent, address or stop the violations, including related acts.

Sexual violence is a sexual act perpetrated against individuals without their consent or free will. The violence is a serious public health issue in the U.S. and worldwide.

Sexual violence affects communities and its people despite their sexual orientation, gender or age. Although anyone can experience sexual violence, girls and women are the most vulnerable to sexual and related gender-based violence.

Anyone can perpetrate sexual violence. However, perpetrators are usually persons known to the victim such as a former or current intimate partner, a friend, a colleague, a family member, or even a neighbor.

Various risks and protective factors are related to sexual violence. Sexual violence is linked to other forms of violence and results in serious economic and health effects.


A public health approach can be adopted to address and prevent protective and risk factors for sexual violence and other forms of violence.

Sexual violence affects millions of people across the world. However, many cases go unreported, undermining the significance of this issue. Victims may opt to keep quiet about an ongoing violence due to threats or they may assume that they won’t get help.


A victim may also be embarrassed, ashamed or afraid to share their violence experience with friends, the police or family. Statistics show that the cost of rape per victim is about $122,400. This includes lost productivity, medical costs, activities of criminal justice, and other costs.