Active Indoor/Outdoor Sports the Supports the Mental Health of Victims of Violence

table tennis

Are you looking for a way of recovering a victim of violence? Than worry no more because table tennis is all you require. Table tennis is the best home game and is known to improve the mental health of an individual. The victims of violence are negated individuals in the society and can quickly get depressed which may be fatal to them, and they need to be well taken care of with attention and affection. The negation also comes from the individual victim, and he or she needs to find an activity that will make the mind deviate from the violence circumstances.

Why table tennis for victims of violence?

Table tennis equipment is easy and portable to use making it an enjoyable game for a victim of violence. Table tennis is a brain game which allows the coordination and the movement of the body to work for a successful gam. It helps to sharpen and give reasoning to a victim in the handling of issues in his or her environment.

The game is physically intensive and makes the victim sweat, and in the end, gets tired and require some sleep which will help relieve the depression and anxiety. A victim of violence needs a very sober mind to help him or her from the stressful conditions to be a better person in making decisions in society. Also, table tennis helps a victim of violence be physically fit and reduce body fats and help build the muscles. Furthermore ping pong game for the victims of violence helps them to interact socially for the personality growth of the victims and also has a health benefit to them.

Who to play table tennis with a victim of violence. Table tennis is a game you will never play alone; you require an opponent and the fun of having an opponent as a human is exciting and full of fun. The opponent could be your counselor, a friend or a close relative who will help in psychological counseling and give help through the challenges of violence. For instance, the victim of violence who wins while playing the game boosts his or her confidence and grows an encouraging attitude towards himself or herself.

By winning the game, the victim gets a reassurance that he or she has the capability of being the best. The acquired character helps the victim to get out of a violence victim status to a victor status.


In conclusion, life has many obstacles and looking for a good game that will help in sharpening your brain and making it alert for logic and reasoning to take place is the best thing for anyone victim of violence. Ping pong game is the option for any victim of violence to play it stimulates the hormone of happiness and boosts the self-esteem of a victim. You will also need to develop a passion for the game and know the rules for the game and not limit your practice, to become an international table tennis player as a victim of violence.

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