About Us

About Raven STL

Raven STL was founded a couple of years ago to promote peaceful families, communities, and relationships. We promote self-awareness, teach alternative behaviors to violence, challenge abuse, and control, and foster personal responsibility.


Conflicts disintegrate communities and families, break down social infrastructure, and disrupt responses, leaving girls and women susceptible to sexual violence and other related forms of gender-based violence.


In such war-torn situations, intimate partners, combatants, humanitarian actors, and even acquaintances perpetrate violence against the vulnerable.


Sexual violence against girls and women in conflict and humanitarian environments is increasingly being reported and recorded. This issue around human rights, security, and the peace of victims of violence in humanitarian settings is increasingly the focus of global attention.

However, efforts are being made to prevent sexual and gender-based violence against women in such settings. The needs of survivors are increasingly being met and impunity for perpetrators being addressed.


We started Raven STL to fight against the various forms of violence against girls and women. We promote our action against sexual violence with the focus of ending it in the different settings where it often occurs.


We recommend various activities that can help prevent and stop sexual and gender-based violence against girls and women worldwide. We work at the country level to promote peace through various operations aimed at developing the capacity to end violence against women.


We raise public awareness on the issue and its likely effects to advocate for action in different countries across the globe. We also highlight engendering political will that can address sexual and gender-based violence.


We create knowledge and share evidence on sexual violence to promote effective response at all levels. We’re an advocacy organization on violence and how to prevent or end it, making us a knowledge hub on issues surrounding related violence.