Sexual Violence Is A Violation of Human Rights


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Sexual violence is a violation of human rights. It commonly affects girls and women due to the consequences of structural and systemic inequality.


Every one in three women experiences sexual or physical violence over their lifetime. This occurs despite an individual’s background, age or country of origin.

Sexual violence further violates victims’ human rights. It can take place either in private or public and affects not just the victims, but also their community.


Sexual violence perpetrators treat victims as mere objects they can use to gratify their sexual desires. They do this without regard for the victims’ personal body autonomy and what may eventually happen to their bodies or even the perpetrator’s own.


Rape, or sexual violence in general, is one of the worst ways human dignity and related rights such as integrity and security of an individual are violated.


Governments worldwide have failed to fulfill their role to protect girls and women from sexual violence and related atrocities. They’ve failed to make the criminal justice systems in their countries accessible and victim-friendly.


The governments worldwide have also failed to prosecute criminals and punish them for human rights violations. They’ve not succeeded in addressing sex discriminatory policies and laws that reinforce attitudes and social norms, including sex discrimination acts.

Collective Action Online to Fight and End Sexual Violence

We understand that sexual violence is a global issue that affects women from all walks of life. Therefore, we strive to reach out to audiences across the world.


Sexual violence includes incest, rape within a relationship or marriage, sexual exploitation, forced pregnancies and motherhood, female genital mutilation (FGM), and other harmful practices.


The norms and acts reinforce sexual violence, making it acceptable. They also lead to victim-blaming and stigmatization.


Sexual violence is mostly committed against girls and women, making it a feminist issue. This has been attributed to unequal power dynamics resulting from gender inequality.


Women who’re particularly susceptible to sexual violence include LGBTQ+ people, women with disabilities, adolescent girls, and women from marginalized areas or communities.


Sexual violence and related violations, including threats of abuse exert coercive control over victims (girls and women). It also prevents them from accessing services, resources, and opportunities, or even exercising their rights.

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