Email layout: The gateway to proper communication for violence victims’ advocacy


Violence is a traumatizing experience to the victims and their families. Advocacy groups, nonprofit organizations, and well wishers play a vital role in mobilizing funds and basic commodities to help the victims who most of the time are always displaced during the violence. You are the project manager of the advocacy group and you have been tasked to lead the communications team to send Emails for appeal, behavioral change, and awareness of the traumatic impact of violence in a bid to stop the vice. Remember, you are dealing with people who need justice; people who are out to revenge because of the violence; rebels and sympathizers. You need to tailor your mail to accommodate the interest of all these parties without any of them feeling aggravated by your call to service.

 What is the best Email layout for violence advocacy group?

Marketing automation solutions save you headache by their pre-designed template of the Email campaigns for the violence victim’s advocacy. MailChimp, Active campaign, ConvertKit are among some renowned marketing toolkits for this purpose. My final decision is Choosing Active Campaign over Convertkit then use your own discretion to tailor your Email in the best language to communicate to your target audience.

There is no way these groups of people will receive the same Email and expect them to take it positively. Active Campaign comes in handy since it has various templates and stratified contact list on the database to customize the Email to suit these diverse recipients.

 What constitutes a good Email layout for violence victims’ advocacy?


You have to show sympathy and empathy in equal measure so that you do not offend rebels to even plan for revenge missions. Use enticing language and focus on the negative impact of the violence for both parties. In the Email you should at least try and acknowledge failure of governments or the affected nation just to make the parties understand your role as a nonprofit organization (government watch dog)


Your writing tone should be friendly rather than professional because professional tone portrays authority and dictatorial type of leadership. Who are you ordering? Friendly tone empathizes and allows you to humble yourself and beg for prompt action to reduce the rate of violence in the area.

 Graphical presentation

A change in attitude needs practical experience using images of violence victims, from their initial state to their current state. Look at websites of non profit organizations, images of poverty and hopelessness have a strong impact on the change of attitude to advocate for better living conditions.


What is the theme you use for the lead pages? The theme should be authoritative and communicate to the target audience on the need to stop the violence.

Marketing automation solutions have all these in various features, use advanced features of the software to ensure you develop an Email campaign which will be effective and successful. Try many templates and have a third party to approve and give you honest feedback before you click the send button. The error of social media can work to your advantage or disadvantage depending on the style, language and the tone of the email.