News: Rape and Violence in the Toilet Room

Many people especially those who are from rich backgrounds usually take toilets for granted. These rich people have access to safe and clean toilets whenever they want to answer a call of nature. In some places, especially Africa, Asia and South America people do not have access to safe and clean toilets. Lack of access to the toilets is a big challenge to people from these parts of the world. These poor people use toilets which are not safe and clean or they go to the bush to relieve themselves. When people use toilets which are not safe they can encounter a lot of violence and mistreatment. Sexual violence, physical harassment, and robbery with violence are some of the major forms of violence in the toilet room.

Sexual Violence 
A lot of women and girls have been harassed sexually and sometimes they have been raped in these toilets. Many places in developing world have no toilets for gents and ladies, both genders usually share same facilities and this makes ladies an easy prey for rapists. Boys and young men are usually molested in public toilets by older men. Hooligans usually take advantage of the toilets because they are usually secluded and people do not go there frequently.


Physical harassment 
Many people usually get harassed and bullied in toilets of public institutions. Acts of physical violence such as being beaten, being mistreated and being exploited are very common in public toilets, especially of public schools. Students are usually abused physically by an older student in the schools’ toilets. Forcing younger students to play with human waste, forcing them to drink urine and beating them are some of the few examples of how older students usually harass and mistreat the younger student in the school toilets.


Robbery with violence
People are usually robbed in the public toilets by people who are armed with deadly weapons such as knives and guns. In extreme cases, some people are injured or are killed by the criminals if they try to resist being robbed or when they refuse to cooperate with the thieves. Numerous cases of theft and robbery in public toilets have been reported in many countries especially in the developing world.

People are advised to have their own toilets so as to avoid being victims of violence. You can have a toilet which is easy to flush at a friendly price indeed, you can get a toilet for your budget. Having a toilet for your budget means having a toilet which you can maintain without any financial struggle. Having a toilet in your home is very advantageous, not only are going to avoid violence but also disease. After building a toilet in your home all you have to do is to maintain its cleanliness. Many diseases such as cholera and typhoid come up, as a result, using contaminated water. When people go to answer the call of nature in other places apart from the designated ones not only do they risk becoming sick but also they lower their dignity.

Email layout: The gateway to proper communication for violence victims’ advocacy


Violence is a traumatizing experience to the victims and their families. Advocacy groups, nonprofit organizations, and well wishers play a vital role in mobilizing funds and basic commodities to help the victims who most of the time are always displaced during the violence. You are the project manager of the advocacy group and you have been tasked to lead the communications team to send Emails for appeal, behavioral change, and awareness of the traumatic impact of violence in a bid to stop the vice. Remember, you are dealing with people who need justice; people who are out to revenge because of the violence; rebels and sympathizers. You need to tailor your mail to accommodate the interest of all these parties without any of them feeling aggravated by your call to service.

 What is the best Email layout for violence advocacy group?

Marketing automation solutions save you headache by their pre-designed template of the Email campaigns for the violence victim’s advocacy. MailChimp, Active campaign, ConvertKit are among some renowned marketing toolkits for this purpose. My final decision is Choosing Active Campaign over Convertkit then use your own discretion to tailor your Email in the best language to communicate to your target audience.

There is no way these groups of people will receive the same Email and expect them to take it positively. Active Campaign comes in handy since it has various templates and stratified contact list on the database to customize the Email to suit these diverse recipients.

 What constitutes a good Email layout for violence victims’ advocacy?


You have to show sympathy and empathy in equal measure so that you do not offend rebels to even plan for revenge missions. Use enticing language and focus on the negative impact of the violence for both parties. In the Email you should at least try and acknowledge failure of governments or the affected nation just to make the parties understand your role as a nonprofit organization (government watch dog)


Your writing tone should be friendly rather than professional because professional tone portrays authority and dictatorial type of leadership. Who are you ordering? Friendly tone empathizes and allows you to humble yourself and beg for prompt action to reduce the rate of violence in the area.

 Graphical presentation

A change in attitude needs practical experience using images of violence victims, from their initial state to their current state. Look at websites of non profit organizations, images of poverty and hopelessness have a strong impact on the change of attitude to advocate for better living conditions.


What is the theme you use for the lead pages? The theme should be authoritative and communicate to the target audience on the need to stop the violence.

Marketing automation solutions have all these in various features, use advanced features of the software to ensure you develop an Email campaign which will be effective and successful. Try many templates and have a third party to approve and give you honest feedback before you click the send button. The error of social media can work to your advantage or disadvantage depending on the style, language and the tone of the email.



Using Ping Pong to Recover from Being a Victim

Ping pong equipment is portable and easy to use making a victim to dismantle and enjoy the game in the simplest of a chance. Table tennis is a home practice game, which is renowned to help in improving on the mental health of an individual. A victim is negated in the society and should be handled with care and love. The negation also comes from the individual, and he/she needs to find an activity, which makes him physically active to make the mind deviate from the circumstance. Why should a victim play ping pong among all other games?

Ping pong is a brain game which makes the eye coordination and body movement to work for the sake of a successful game, portable and easy to use and play,  this helps to sharpen one’s mind and employ reasoning in handling issues. A victim needs a sober mind to help him out of the prevailing condition to become a better person.

The physical intensive game makes you sweat, at the end of the day, you are tired, all you need is to have some sleep, which helps to relieve anxiety and stress, do a home practice game. A stressed victim can easily get into depression, which may turn to be fatal. If it is a victim of drug addiction, then be sure there is a great possibility of a relapse throwing the entire rehabilitation process in the dustbin.

Table tennis helps to reduce fat and build one’s muscle. The overall effect is a physically fit body with less fatigue to allow the body organs to work at optimum levels for the victim to use rational thinking in decision making on life goals.

You will never play ping pong alone, you need an opponent, even if you opt for the digital opponent the fun of having a human participant is exciting. It helps you to enhance social interaction for social personality development. In addition, there are many healthy and strong relationships made from ping pong games; the opponent could be a counselor who might give you psychological counseling to help you go through the challenge such that it helps you to get you to realize your potential for overall personal growth of an individual.

Take for example a victim who wins a ping pong game, it boosts his confidence and develops a positive attitude towards himself. This gives him a reassurance that he is capable of being the best. This newly acquired character helps the victim to have a soul-searching session to ensure he works towards getting out of a victim status to a winner.

Ping Pong is a brain game which helps to stimulate the happiness hormones due to mental alertness to boost the self-esteem of the victim. Life has many challenges and having a game, which can help you to sharpen your brain and make it sober to allow logic and reasoning to take center stage is the best option. However, you need to develop passion for the game and learn a few rules to ensure you do not narrow your practice but to widen your objective to become a renowned ping pong international player.




Sonic foods for victims of violence

Sonic foods is a food restaurant that offers several delicious foods made with nutritious recipes. Victims of violence are people who have suffered physical injury as a result of violent hatred, for example, gun violence. Victims of violence need nutritious meals in order to help them recuperate and heal faster. There are several Sonic nutritious recipes that can make victims of violence get better quickly. They include:

  1. Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger:

The Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger is offered by sonic foods. This food is also offered by Hardees foods. The Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger is made with delicious and nutritious recipes that can help victims of violence recover quickly. There are several ingredients in the Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger, this includes beef, smoked bacon, cheese, sauce among others.


  1. Smoked Sausage Biscuit:

The smoked sausage biscuit is one of the delicious and nutritious recipes that can be enjoyed by victims of violence. The smoked sausage biscuit is a combination of sausage and biscuit. It is a great product from sonic foods. It is equally available at Hardee’s foods. This meal consists of carbohydrate, fat, protein, sugar, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Choline, Betaine, Calcium, Iron, Sodium, Fluoride, Cholesterol among others. It is made of nutritious recipes that will help a victim of violence recover quickly.


  1. Frisco Breakfast Sandwich:

Frisco Breakfast Sandwich is one of the delicious and nutritious recipes that can be taken by victims of violence. It is one of the best choices of sonic foods for victims of violence. This meal is also available at Hardee’s foods. Frisco Breakfast Sandwiches are made from slices of sourdough bread, slices of sharp cheddar cheese, slices of thinly sliced mozzarella cheese, eggs, honey smoked ham, butter, salt, and pepper. It is a great meal that can be ordered at Hardee’s foods or Sonic foods. The nutritious recipes used to make this meal is guaranteed to provide quick recovery for victims of violence.


  1. Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich:

The Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich is another delicious and highly nutritious sonic food for victims of violence. This food is also offered by Hardees Foods. The Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich from Hardee’s foods is made from a sizable slab of fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and fresh baked bun. Sonic Foods and Hardees Foods offer big chicken fillet sandwich that is huge, tender, crispy, juicy and tasty. This food contains carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sugars, protein, and fat. It is a great meal that a victim of violence can order from Hardee’s foods or Sonic foods in order to have a speedy recovery.


  1. Big Hot Ham “N” Cheese:

Big Hot Ham “N” Cheese is another delicious food from Sonic foods and Hardee’s foods. This is a great food for victims of violence. The food is simple but delicious and tasty. The food consists of carbohydrate, protein, fat, dietary fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Sugar among others. The Big Hot Ham “N” Cheese is a delicious and nutritious recipe that has an appealing appearance, a great aroma, and a sweet taste. The food can be eaten at home, in the office, in the car, or in a picnic. It is a great meal that will aid the quick recovery of victims of violence.

Juicer for a Non-Profit Organization


Nonprofit organizations have an option of having a juicer for their employees. It helps to cut on costs and promote healthy living. When the Non-profit organization’s objective is to advocate for food security, having a juicer makes them customize their objectives. The main factors on getting one include: the functionality – acquire a juicer fit for commercial and mass juicing needs. The performance -purchase a juicer which takes minimal time and has an automated feature to save on time to enhance productivity. Finally, the speed of the juicer also matters a lot such that every employee has an equal opportunity to blend and make a healthy drink that suits them.


Breville juice extractor, Kuvings, and centrifugal juicers fit in this category. Breville is ideal for such an organization because of the low budget constraints for such organizations. The Italian brand ensures all the fibers for the fruit juices are extracted leaving just the pulp and the outer cover of the fruits. For some fruits or vegetables where the outer covers are nutritious then Breville can crash and blend it in the juice of employees of the non-profit organization.


In another angle, Kuvings come in handy to help in events for the organization to raise funds for a noble course. If you just need participants to have a cup of juice to quench their thirst, this juicer is designed for commercial purposes for mass production of the juices for all participants. Why Use Kuvings among other brands? Kuvings is proved beyond any reasonable doubt as a high performing kitchen appliance for high-speed juicing. The function is of higher power but low energy consumption, a great parameter for a non-profit organization who would love to save on costs where possible.


Remember you need a juicer for a non-profit organization, there is nothing disgusting as having a juicer which is noisy to an extent it causes noise pollution for employees and visitors. Imagine having a meeting with donors and sponsors only to have some funny noise of a juicer. With centrifugal juicers, the noise is kept at minimal with silencers to allow you prepare a fresh juice for the meeting unnoticed. However, unconfirmed reports indicate that the juicer is not advisable when handling fruits since it is prone to destroy vitamins.


The same way you can have an automatic espresso machine for a constant supply of coffee because of the health benefits, it is the same effect juicers is significant for its healthy drink. The long-term effect of this is improved productivity since employees will have more contact hours in the organization to ensure its objectives are met.


Vitamins, essential minerals, and amino acids are found in fruits and vegetables. Each vegetable has specific nutrients and macronutrients, it is advisable to have a variety of fruits for maximum benefit. It also acts as an appetizer for employees with a poor appetite. When you want to watch your weight, then a healthy fruit/vegetable juice offers the best choice, after all, food security and health are major parameters for non-profit organizations.


RAVEN’s Advocacy

RAVEN (Rape and Violence End Now) is an nonprofit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri. RAVEN’s advocacy is to foster peaceful relationships, families, and communities by increasing self-awareness, challenging abuse and control, teaching alternative behaviors, and promoting personal responsibility. RAVEN envisions a city that is safe for everyone by giving importance to relationships with everyone in the city.